Marianely Mariana Lancheros Ordonez

Age: 5

Date of birth:  March 3, 2008


I live with my mother, stepfather, and siblings. My mother’s name is Yadira Ordonez Sanchez and she is 33 years old.  My stepfather is Ricardo Martinez Leon and he is 21. I have three siblings: Alexander Lancheros (13 years old), Stiven Alexander (9 years old) and Yanner Andres (1 year old).  I love eating split peas, although regular meals are scarce.  I do not go to church, but I attend school daily from 7:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.  I am in first grade.  My health is okay despite the lack of regular nutrition.


We live in our own house. It has wood walls, and metal sheets for the ceiling.  It has two rooms and one bathroom. It is located in the “Altos de la Florida” neighborhood in Soacha.  We have electricity, but there is no sewer system and water arrives every two weeks.  We have to collect the water in containers to be used for cooking, drinking, washing, and bathing.  The weather is cold and the streets are unpaved.

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