Katherin Damara Mendez Hernandez

Age: 4

Date of birth: April 3, 2009


I live with my grandparents, mother, uncle, and sisters.  My grandfather’s name is Juan Ricardo Mendez and he is 48 years old.  My grandmother is Nidia Hernandez Mendez and she is 52.  My uncle is Angel Ricardo Mendez Hernandez, and my mother is Marisol Mendez Hernandez.  I have three sisters named Luz (who is 6 years old), Laura (who is 3), and Keidy (who is 1).  My favorite food is pasta, although regular nutrition is rare due to our economic situation.   I do not go to church, but I attend Kindergarten from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  My favorite subject is art.   My health is okay despite the lack of regular nutrition.


We live in our own home. The floor is the ground, the walls are made of wood, and the roof is made of metal sheets.  It has one bedroom for all eight of us and we have no bathroom. It is located in the “Altos de la Florida” neighborhood in Soacha.  We have electricity, but there is no sewer system and water arrives every two weeks.  We have to collect the water in containers to be used for cooking, drinking, washing, and bathing.  The weather is cold and the streets are unpaved.

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